275+ Hottest Tattoos For Men This Year

In case you have decided that now is the time for you to grab a tattoo, but are not sure exactly where to start, then this assortment of hottest tattoos for men will give you some inspiration.

There are some very important choices you have to make here before you can head on over to your nearest tattoo shop and get inked. That’s because even if these tattoos are no longer permanent, which you can do so with lots of cash and a couple of techniques done by experts, a tattoo is still considered to be a huge investment and therefore has to be considered very carefully.

Apart from the things which involve the actual tattoo, one of the first choices you have to make is to pick an artist who can charge you with reasonable rates and performs an excellent job and fits your own personal style. Go ask some friends, visit a couple of tattoo artist sites, and even go and check out a real tattoo shop so you can get even just a basic idea of the artist’s visual, and see if they’re the one for you.

The next consideration has to be where you want to place your tattoo on. Is your new tattoo something that you’re willing to show off, easily reveal or conceal, or is it something that’s more personal which only you get to see? The canvas here will be your own body, so it’s always important to pick a part of your anatomy that is highly appropriate to the art. For men’s tattoos, the back is perfectly well-suited for a larger tattoo design, which you might want to expand at a later date. But if you want to start things small, the forearms or the biceps are perfect for more hidden show pieces, hiding away a discreet emblems which the artist can soon incorporate into sleeves, which is either a full sleeve or a half sleeve at a later period.

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One of the important things to keep in mind here is that when you’re about to get your first tattoo, or if you’re already a seasoned artist and can handle the pain pretty well, you have to think about your nervous system too. Any area where the skin is thin or sensitive, such as the clavicles, the hands or feet, you’ll end up experiencing twice the amount of pain than usual because of the nerve endings. Meanwhile, in spots where there’s a huge amount of sensitivity, like the lower back, the knees, or the hips and lower back, tattoos are much more painful to get.

This is the reason why it’s so important to select a tattoo design and matching color scheme which looks aesthetically pleasing and carries lots of meaning for the wearer. And if you’re not certain about what kind of design you prefer here, then look no further than the internet for inspiration. Of course there are plenty of other options for you to look at, like art galleries, mythology books, anthropology texts which deal with body art and crafts coming from other cultures, and even a gardening book. Simply put, there’s inspiration to be found anywhere, no matter where you look.

Tattoos seem to be everywhere nowadays. Ranging from an intricate tribal stripe quietly peeking out from a professional bank teller’s shirt collar, to a finely-detailed arm sleeve tattoo of the bartender of your favorite lounge. But in reality, tattoos seem to be a very modern method of expressing one’s own personal thoughts or beliefs.

Tattoos are an expressive type of art form, having a much longer history than what a lot of people realize. Tattoos were first known as a form of protection of the body. Later, some ancient tribes used them to mark people as belonging to a certain tribe, and only during the 20th century did it become a form of expressing one’s self.

Plenty of cultures from across the world have practiced the skill and art of creating tattoos during one time or another. In fact, a lot of them still do it – Some of the most popular and most-awarded tattoo artists come from different parts of the globe. This includes the US, the UK, Australia, Egypt, and Japan.

Nowadays, ink colors and popular tattoo designs wouldn’t even exist if it were not for these symbolic marks found on a person’s body for whatever purpose it may be: For protection, identification, ceremonial, or any other spiritual reason.

Some of the first tattoos ever made were crafted by scratching or picking on the topmost layer of skin and distributing oil or ashes on the scratches and picks. And as they became available, colored ink and dyes began to be used to give new life and color to these symbols.

Instruments used for tattoos were highly crude back in the day. These were evidenced by the tattooing tools used during the ancient Egyptian period, which were mostly composed of flat and large needle-like tools dating back to 1450 BC. They were also known as the oldest type of tattooing instruments known to man. In Europe, mummies dating as old as 5,300 years. The ‘Iceman’, a famous frozen mummy, was initially discovered in the cold Italian alps during the early 1990s. The Iceman, also known by his official name ‘Otzi’, had around 60 tattoos decorating his body – And plenty of them were comprised of tribal lines or even simple X’s. Scientists who discovered Otzi’s body have questioned what the ink on his body really meant – These tattoos were definitely a far cry from the complex designs that we see today. In 2015, another team of Italian anthropologists did a study on these markings and have made the conclusion that the tattoos were meant to be a form of therapy for his joints and spine.

It is often falsely believed that tattoos didn’t really catch on in England and Europe until captain James Cook landed on Tahiti back in 1769. But this is actually untrue: A lot of natives were already wearing tattoos prior to the British explorer’s visit – And this includes high-ranking tribe members, or those who were considered to be a part of the tribe’s ‘upper class’. Men who delved in dangerous lines of work, like sailors and coal miners, often wore tattoos, since they had this belief that it could protect them from any form of danger. These designs included sea birds, dancing girls, and anchors. Miners often wore tattoo designs which had skulls and pick-axes.

The entire tattooing craze reached a frenzy in England after King Edward VII, then known as the Prince of Wales, got himself a tattoo in Egypt during a royal tour. According to some accounts, the king’s tattoo of choice was a Jerusalem cross on his arm. He later sent his sons to Japan in 1881, where they themselves also got body ink from a famed Japanese tattoo artist named Chiyo Hori.

And because of King Edward’s actions, tattoos have slowly began to be accepted in public, and people who didn’t work as sailors and coal miners could also wear them without being judged or looked down upon or seen as a criminal. Plenty of wealthy Europeans went to Egypt and Japan to get tattoos done during the same period, since during that time, there were only a handful of professional tattoo artists found across the globe.

Before the Han Dynasty in China, tattoos were also highly looked down upon by most individuals. In fact, it was considered to be a defacement to the body by the general population. But certain ancient Chinese tribes, like the Li and Dai people, saw tattoos as a rite of passage. These two tribes used tattoos and tattooing to further accentuate their features: The body and muscles for men, and the facial features for women. And after the Han Dynasty, everyone went back to the belief that only criminals could sport body ink.

Japanese tattoo art, also known as Irezumi, was always done as a full sleeve or full body tattoo hidden underneath the wearer’s clothes. Like in China, it was often considered that criminals are the only people allowed to wear tattoos. It was only after the 19th century that tattoos started gaining acceptance in the mainstream population, even though it was still a tenuous acceptance since it was rude to display them in a public area. These Japanese tattoos were brilliant, colorful, and intricately drawn on an individual’s skin. However, the association of tattoos and piercing with the Yakuza (the Japanese equivalent of the mafia) has held back the artform from being accepted by the public for many years.

Nowadays, more and more individuals are seen wearing tattoos in the 21st century. Plenty of the involved designs here are the ones done by artists from the past eras, with most of them carrying themes like nostalgia, patriotism, and being homesick. But all of these themes have been greatly improved upon, thanks to those artists who have managed to add in their own unique experience.

Clients of today have an unimaginable choice of both colors and designs. This ranges from simple black and white, to an innovative glow-in-the-dark ink. Tattoos as an artistic and modern form of expression is definitely here to stay.

Types Of Tattoos For Men

Tattoos have always been something special for men. It’s pretty much a given that this form of body art has become a part of our fashion statement. Several surveys online have mentioned that men who sport tattoos all over their body tend to attract more women. Indeed, there’s just something that makes a tattoo super appealing for everybody. For example, they can make even the most average person look hot and seemingly exciting. This also proves that the wearer is fully open-minded and that he’s not afraid to commit himself to a particular goal. So being male doesn’t mean you have to avoid this opportunity to read an article like this one: Here are a couple of significant tattoo ideas for men, with their respective meanings.

  • Tribal tattoos for men – A tribal tattoo has long been a favorite of many tattoo enthusiasts for as long as anyone can remember. These types of tattoos for men have been used by natives and our ancestors as a way to mark a person who was a member of their clan or tribe. And until now, these highly masculine and stylish tattoo ideas are liked by both old and young men of any class or race. Plenty of these hot tattoos for men are created in the traditional gray or black ink. They are also comprised of vivid patterns and lines. A tribal tattoo is normally large in design and looks great on the chest and the back. Lately, more women have been getting tribal tattoos for themselves as well.
  • Japanese koi tattoos for men – This tribal tattoo is mostly found on full-sleeve designs and have a gorgeous watercolor look and feel to them. Men and women alike are also fond of koi tattoos, but for this particular design, you also have to pick a good image that goes really well with this theme. A great design idea involves having the koi swim down on your arm in the form of a colorful sleeve tattoo. The accompanying tribal patterns in this tattoo design also make amazing half-sleeve or full-sleeve tattoos, but they always look their best when the artist draws the design using black ink and when it’s not overly complex.
  • Cat tattoos for men – For men, a cat tattoo can come in many different forms. Even though certain people will prefer to have a realistic cat design drawn on their body, others will prefer variations such as neo-traditional, watercolor designs, fanciful designs, and even cartoonish designs. It’s not really surprising that women prefer getting cat tattoos compared to men, but this doesn’t always mean that men won’t be able to find a great cat tattoo design which fits them nicely. And moreover, there are actually plenty of men out there who prefer having cats as pets compared to dogs.
  • Overlapping diamond-shaped tattoo for men – Lines in black or gray ink are placed across the left and right shoulder blade areas of the back. A diamond-shaped design is then placed between the left and right shoulder blades, which is where these lines lead to. This diamond shape is composed of several lines in black or gray ink, bunched together and overlapping another set of diamonds, resulting to a solid third black diamond with a line in black or gray ink.
  • Geometric bird tattoos for men – Human emotions and feelings are often shown through bird design tattoos. Themes like devotion, faith, divine love, and humanity are also things displayed using a bird tattoo. Doves, in particular, are a highly popular choice of bird tattoo design for men because it symbolizes all three themes. The rooster and partridge are also great choices for bird tattoos.
  • Huge dragon tattoos for men – One more great tattoo idea is for a sleeve tattoo design to show off a large and menacing dragon. Dragons have always given off an intimidating and impressive image. Dragon tattoos just so happen to be one of those tattoo designs that can catch everyone’s attention no matter where you put them on. A rather interesting way of drawing these designs will be to have a giant dragon head surrounding the shoulders, then a realistic-looking claw tattoo beneath it. You can also include several streaks of bright colors to finish off this comprehensive look.
  • Anchor tattoos for men – This type of tattoo design has been popularized thanks to sailors from back in the day. A lot of the tattoo designs used by these seafarers contained elements pertaining to the seas, including waves, anchors, koi fish, and swallows, among many. Anchor tattoos continue to be as popular as a design for men, even several decades later.

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Meaning of Tattoos for Men

Making one’s self look hot and attractive is never easy. You have to keep yourself looking fit, well-groomed, and well-maintained. But what if adding a simple tattoo to your body can make you look twice as appealing to many individuals? Yes, you can draw the attention of everybody else just by acquiring the right type of tattoo. Tattoos for men this year come in many different forms and looks, ranging from the crazy, to the silly, to sophisticated – And some of them are just downright brilliant. Men do get more tattoo options compared to the ladies, and practically each and every design out there fits their body and image the best. However, the actuality will all depend on how the design is made. This means that you have to think of the main theme here, which is masculinity. Meaning the manlier your tattoo looks, the more handsome and rugged you will look as you wear it on your body. The rest will all depend on the imagination and creativity of the artist themselves. Even though black and gray are popular colors for men’s tattoos, nowadays, artists have begun to use several brighter shades in their tattoo designs to make them more eye-catching. Of course white ink tattoos aren’t bad either, but these are not recommended for men since they don’t have the prominence of creating a masculine image for a tattoo.

Men can place their tattoos on nearly every part of their body. According to most tattoo artists, perhaps the best places for men to put a tattoo on are the forearms as a sleeve tattoo, the underside of the wrists, the back and the chest. These are the areas where tattoos look amazing on men. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re only limited to wearing these tattoos on certain areas of the body. You can wear them on any part that you like, but at the same time, you have to know how to carry everything well.

Sporting a full sleeve arm tattoo has always been on top of the list when it comes to the best and hottest designs for men this year However, it’s still true that some of these tattoo ideas do not look amazing on men. The reason for this is that plenty of men don’t have too much of a good physique, so these sleeve tattoos can’t help you enhance the look of your muscles. Having too much fat or bone doesn’t equal to a good body.

Ideal Placement of Tattoos For Men

A tattoo is something to be proud of, and to show off to the world without any added hesitation or shame. There are a couple of spots on the body which are meant to highlight these amazing pieces of body art for building up the ultimate effect.

One of the surefire ways to capture the attention of people is to have a full sleeve tattoo on your arm or legs. This will capture the eyes of passersby and people alike. That’s because the arms are one of the most exposed parts of the human body, and an experienced tattoo artist can create a stunning design along the entire length of the forearms and biceps. A sleeve tattoo will greatly compliment every fashion statement or style, and further augments the wearer’s personal taste and compliments their ensemble as well.

If you want to build up an expansive yet understated canvas, the shoulders and backside will give you an equally dramatic background for several designs you will like. If you reside in a warmer climate or are into pursuing an active and healthy lifestyle, then the shoulders, back, and torso designs are the best places to put a tattoo in, since they tend to greatly emphasize the muscles, giving them a larger and toned look.

Even more subtle but considered a signature tattoo nonetheless, getting inked on your hands, fingers, and neck will give out a more understated message. This means that some men out there don’t even have to make a dramatic entrance to be able to leave off a lasting impression. But no matter where you choose to show off your ink, one thing is for sure: You have to be extremely confident in letting the world know that your body has become a canvas for art, and each piece has their own story to tell.

In case you want to give off a tough image, then chest tattoos are the best idea for you. This area is large enough to allow a large design or an imprinted picture. Sometimes men with chest tattoos will get the urge to take off their shirts to show off their body ink. Getting a chest tattoo is surprisingly not painful as well – Just avoid the collarbones though because it can get painful over there.

Perhaps you’re considering a rib tattoo instead? If so, then you’re in luck since you can either acquire a full body canvas ink or maybe just a tiny chest tattoo instead. But this also means you have to be prepared for a rather painful experience while sitting on that tattoo chair. Ribs have plenty of nerves and are located near the bones. Getting a tattoo there is painful since there are plenty of bones, and there’s not much fat or muscle there either. But this shouldn’t prevent you from acquiring that tattoo, especially if it’s something you’ve wanted for a long time. And as long as the artist is gentle, your ink will be done before you know it.shoulder tattoos for men

Tattoos for Men Preparation Tips

No matter if you chose to get a tattoo or if you haven’ decided if that’s your thing or not, then follow these helpful hints to make sure that you already know what to expect when you arrive at the shop of your choice.

What should you do the night before? The first tip to follow is to avoid drinking heavily, especially on the night before you get that tattoo done. Even if the alcohol in your system isn’t enough to get you drunk, it could still thin out your blood the following morning. Drink plenty of water instead.

Get proper sleep and go to bed on time. Sure, the idea of getting a tattoo might feel like Christmas Eve for some and you could feel so excited about it but getting loads of rest will tend to make things easier to sit down calmly the next morning.

Check to see if you have plenty of cash in hand to cover up the cost of your tattoo. Perhaps you can also have cash nearby for a tip, some snacks, drinks, or any other thing that you may want during the session.

If you have booked an appointment but are still unsure about whether you want to push through with things or not, then contact the studio ahead of time to verify your appointment. Ask the artist what time you’re supposed to be there and the amount of cash it’ll cost. Print off and bring any possible materials you might need so your artist will know which tattoo they have to create. The more designs you bring in, the better.

Sometimes certain people have their own set of medical conditions which will need the approval note of a doctor. In case you feel like this applies to you, then contact the studio ahead of time to verify in case the condition you have will need the authorization form of a physician. If it’s deemed necessary, then this means you have to come into the shop to acquire the form which will be signed by a doctor before you can get that tattoo done.

In case you end up getting sick before the appointment, then be sure to contact the shop immediately for rescheduling. Never come into the shop to get that tattoo done while you’re sick. Not only is it unfair to expose the employees, your artist, and the other clients to your sickness, it could affect the healing process of your tattoo as well. If the artist realizes that you’re feeling under the weather, then they have every right to cancel or postpone your appointment, and this could risk you losing your deposit.

Before heading off to the shop, check to see if you have your driver’s license, a valid ID, or a passport. And if you still aren’t sure if your own identification will work, then you are free to read through the shop’s set of polices, in case they have one. This rule still applies for a spontaneous tattoo. However, tattoo artists do not advise you getting inked on impulse, especially when you’ve gone through a night of heavy drinking, or if you have been using illicit drugs, if you don’t have enough cash on hand for a tattoo, or if you haven’t even completely decided if a new tattoo is the right one for you. You can always stop by the shop the following morning when you’ve sobered up.

Pain To Expect During and After Getting  Tattoos For Men

Do tattoos hurt? Yes they do. But the amount of pain of getting a tattoo will all depend on each individual, as well as an extraordinary amount of factors, so in short, there’s no concrete answer to this question.

Unfortunately, yes, a tattoo is painful. And at the end of the day, your skin will get stabbed by one up to twenty needles in one go, repeatedly, at least a hundred times in one sitting. There’s no way of escaping it – A tattoo will hurt. But with that being said, not every tattoo is going to hurt equally. In fact, there are loads of different factors which can greatly affect the amount and intensity of pain which you could go through for practically any tattoo.

So once again… How badly does a tattoo hurt? This question is hard to answer since there are loads of variables which can affect what getting a tattoo really feels like. Here are a couple of feelings which you are more than likely to experience when you get that tattoo done.  Each person has a different threshold to pain, so some people might end up describing them as another thing. But remember, if the pain starts becoming unbearable, you need to tell your artist this. A couple of them will be more than willing to take even just a short break so you can recover and get back into the zone.

Frequently Asked Questions Re: Tattoos For Men

  • How will I know if the tattoo shop is cheap?
  • Cleanliness is a must. Take a good look at the shop that you visit. Do you like what you’re seeing at the moment? Always trust your eyes along with your instincts. In case you’re having any doubts, head on over to the nearest exit. It’s always better to be safe than sorry! Ask the staff or the artist if they use an autoclave to clean up their needles, and if they do, do they have a spore test on hand? The answers to these two questions have to be a surefire ‘yes’. And if it is, then they have to show proof. The supplies used by these artists must be single-used disposables while the artist has to change their gloves after each session. Eating, smoking, and pets or small children are not allowed inside the shop’s premises.
  • How hard do these tattoos have to be cared for?
  • A tattoo is a major investment. This means you have to save up and invest plenty of time and cash into taking good care of them. And while the huge responsibility of caring for a tattoo immediately starts right after the application, you might have to continue a couple of maintenance habits to prevent your new ink from sustaining any damage in the long run. After the healing process is through, keep the tattoo well-moisturized by adding in some sunscreen before going out in direct sunlight to stop the ink from fading away.
  • Can I get a tattoo even if I’m sick?
  • Acquiring a brand new tattoo when your immune system isn’t in top shape is a horrible idea. You’re going to need plenty of strength and white blood cells for your tattoo to heal up, and this is something that it cannot do when it’s busy fighting viruses and bacteria. And then there’s also the fact that it’s very inconsiderate to bring in your germs inside a tattoo shop since you can risk passing your sickness to others, including your artist. If you have previously booked an appointment, then call up and reschedule when you’re feeling much better.
  • How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
  • It’s illegal to acquire a tattoo when you’re under the age of 18 in certain states. Apart from the mandatory minimum age requirement by the law, tattoo shops will reserve the right to refuse service to any client. Meanwhile, highly-visible parts of the body, which are known as job-busters, will be finished on a case-to-case basis.

Average Service Cost & Standard Price For Getting Tattoos For Men

The price is one of the most important things to think about when acquiring a tattoo. In regards to the pricing, everything will all depend on the spot where you want to get done. It could be more, it could be less – And some artists will charge on an hourly rate. They can also individually price each piece that they create. The experience and skills coming from the artist just so happens to be one of the determining factors in figuring out the price charged by a tattoo artist. Professional tattoo artists will ultimately charge more for their own service. They will charge you by the hour, but if you get a tiny one done, they’ll charge it for the price of the tattoo itself. If they have been doing tattoos for years but don’t have all of the necessary experience, or alternatively have enough experience but little to no skills, they will be unable to charge a premium price. Artists have to own both attributes so they can get enough cash.

Tattoos for Men Maintenance Tips

Tattoos are meant to be a permanent and personal work of art. Also keep in mind that a tattoo gun is designed to repeatedly inject ink through multiple needles into the external layers of the skin. This is like lightly running a razor blade to cut and etch thin lines on the skin. This is why tattoo aftercare is one of the most important aspects of preserving a tattoo and making it look good as new.

The whole process of tattoo maintenance can be downright confusing, especially if it just so happens to be your first tattoo. Here are a couple of detailed instructions on how to take good care of a brand new tattoo, as well as helpful tips on keeping your fresh ink looking healthy and young.

Applying the correct aftercare process a couple of weeks after you get your tattoo done can help stop an infection and keep it looking good.

Aftercare starts inside the shop. After the tattoo is finished, the artist will usually apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly or aftercare lotion on top of the whole tattooed area. Then they’ll cover it up with a bandage or plastic wrap. Even though it could get downright tempting to take off the bandage to look at your new tattoo, you have to leave it on for a couple of hours once the process is over. The amount of time needed will all depend on the location and size of your tattoo.  his bandage is meant to protect your skin from sunlight, bacteria, and from rubbing that fresh wound against fabric.

You can now remove the bandage after five hours to wash the tattoo. Once you have thoroughly hand-washed it, you can gently scrub it using an antibacterial unscented liquid soap and warm water. Clean your new ink using your fingers.

The moisturizer which the artist applied earlier will rinse off. Your tattoo might seem as if it’s pouring out a thick and sticky substance or any ink residues. This is not a cause for concern – Mostly because it’s just the excess fluid and ink stemming from the tattooing process earlier.

When you’re done washing, you may now pat the skin dry and gently using a clean paper towel. Allow it to air-dry for at least an hour. And once that’s done, you can apply a thin amount of moisturizer on top of the tattoo. However, leave the whole thing uncovered so your skin can breathe.

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