250+ Cutest Small Tattoos For Girls This Season

Tattoos are meant to be a permanent form of pigmentation on the skin, which in turn is a result coming from the introduction of exogenous substances to the body. In case this happens unintentionally – Like after a road injury, for instance – It’s now referred to as a traumatic tattoo. The most common forms of tattoos are the decorative ones, which are related to pop culture and fashion, or carry a symbolic meaning for the wearer.

The real origin of the word ‘tattoo’ comes from two major derivations: The first one, “ta”, means “striking something” in Polynesian; and the second half, “tatau”, means “to mark something” in Tahitian. British explorer James Cook officially introduced the word ‘tattoo’ to Europe, who described this Polynesian body art during one of his voyages.

The oldest example of a tattoo actually goes back to 3000 BC. It was first discovered on a preserved mummy known as ‘Otzi the Iceman’, whose body was unearthed from the Austria-Italy border in 1991. A thorough examination of his skeleton revealed certain forms of osteochondrosis in some parts in which tattoos and other forms of body art were drawn on his body. There has been speculation from scientists that these tattoos were meant to be a form of pain relief treatments, not unlike acupuncture. If this was indeed the case, then this form of practice might have been around for 2000 years even before its first known usage in East Asian countries.

During the ancient period, the art of tattooing spread across Egypt and ancient Rome, until the emperor Constantine banned it after his historic conversion to Christianity. Constantine believed that the human body was supposed to be a representation of God’s body, so it must never be defiled or disfigured by any means. The idea of tattooing on one’s body was never really acknowledged by the three major religions during that time (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam). And even though tattoos were declared forbidden by Pope Hadrian in 787, it still managed to secretly survive amongst Christians, especially in places of worship. A good example is the Sanctuary of Loreto, Italy, where a small devotional sign for pilgrims known as ‘Friars tattooist’ tattoo was highly used.

The reintroduction of tattooing as a form of body art into the Western world happened after the ocean expeditions during the 18th century. And after the 19th century, tattoos and the practice of tattooing spread widely all over the top social classes in Europe. ‘Celebrities’ who wore tattoos during that era were Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, and the first British prime minister, Sir Winston Churchill. In the recent decades, the art of tattooing has widely spread throughout the western world, and is now appreciated by all social classes. Unfortunately, with that comes an increase in complications related to it as well, like lichenoid, allergic reactions, and granulomatous, among others.


Types of Small Tattoos For Girls

  • Small butterfly tattoos – All in all, a butterfly tattoo has come to represent the past that has been cosigned into oblivion, with the present being welcomed with open arms. From a tiny egg to a caterpillar to a pupa and finally a beautiful butterfly, this is its complete metamorphosis stage. And when one chooses to get themselves a tiny butterfly tattoo to place on their body for the rest of their life, this means they have either gone through a spiritual reform, or are in the process of doing it – Or it could also mean that they are stuck in between two phases in life.
  • Small musical note tattoos – These tattoos are highly popular with music fans. Music is often considered as a source of inspiration. It provides people with a sense of happiness. A couple of us have this talent to play an instrument or to compose songs or lyrics. It’s a calling and a passion at the same time. The moment music starts to play, we are transported into a different world, somewhere far from the harsh realities of life. Music screams for our own thoughts and feelings. Girls will listen to happy music when they’re feeling in love. And when they get their hearts broken, they also listen to music to express their emotions.
  • Small heart tattoos – Hearts are known to be a symbol of love and passion, no matter if it’s through painting or sculpture, writing poems, and of course, body art. A heart tattoo could carry various meanings depending on the concrete individual. Sometimes a person might get a small heart tattoo as a sign of her love for someone or to life in general. And for another, it could mean their own aspirations to search for true love. In anatomy, the heart is also the central organ of vitality.
  • Small flying birds tattoo – This tattoo design is comprised of lovely and elegant small tattoos for girls this season. This deals with an image of several small birds in flight contains a whole sense of liberation, which is bound to make a girl’s heart soar. Tiny black bird silhouettes always look good, no matter if they’re placed on the wrists or the ankles.
  • Bow polka-dotted small tattoos – This design looks great on a girl’s wrists. They’re pretty much the cutest tattoo design for girls. It’s a very feminine tattoo, and the design here could incorporate a loosely-tied bow with lace or without it. You can show off this tattoo in a cute way, or in a sensual manner. It all depends on the attitude of the wearer, as well as the design of the tattoo itself. A bow tattoo can be done in plenty of colors, shapes, and sizes. You can customize them all to your own liking. The best color choices for a bow tattoo are brilliant colors, including purples, reds, and pinks.
  • Small leftie and rightie wings tattoo – This is a truly interesting design. It lets you pick which kind of design you want, but make sure that both your left and right ankles have the same tattoo so it lives up to the overall essence of the design. A famous idea involves a wing – Specifically, a left wing and a right wing. This type of tattoo showcases how much of a free spirit you really are, and you like taking in all of the good things that life has to offer.
  • Small stars tattoo – A tiny star can be used as a tattoo idea on your own body, as a belief to keep yourself accompanied and guarded. And aside from that, the meaning of a star tattoo can differ, depending on the amount of points it has. For example, a pentagram has five points since it’s a symbol of balance in between nature and the spirit. A four-pointed star can represent the four elements of nature – Air, earth, fire, water – And an additional element that rules them all.


Meaning of Small Tattoos For Girls

A tiny tattoo for girls is oftentimes considered to be a unique accessory, all the while being used as a great form of expressing one’s self. This tells people a lot of things about the wearer’s own personality, as well as their beliefs and innermost thoughts. Having a small tattoo is a good thing, since it can help you start off your journey to the world of tattooing, in which getting in the grip of an obsession thanks to all of these amazing yet small stamps. Acquiring a small tattoo is actually quite popular, especially if the wearer herself isn’t ready to fully commit to a larger design. It’s actually quite likely that a girl would want a smaller and simpler tattoo design which can look amazing for many years to come. But if the wearer wants something that’s meaningful and can serve as a reminder of certain events in their lives, then a tattoo is one of the best options. Each time the wearer looks at their tattoo, they are reminded of a specific event, person, or idea.

In the past couple of years, there has been some sort of movement towards females acquiring a smaller and minimalist type tattoo design, instead of an ink-heavy design. This also proves that females aren’t just limited into getting a girly tattoo design. A smaller tattoo is also starting to become more popular nowadays since they’re also less expensive. Oftentimes, people will get themselves a bunch of smaller tattoos for the same price as a larger one. Another advantage is that they are so much easier to hide and tuck away in case you have to apply for a serious job.

Small Tattoos For Girls Placement Ideas

After you have finally chosen which small tattoo design to get, the next question you may ask is this: Where should I put it? No matter if you want to cover up that small bit of body art for a job interview or during a visit to grandma, or to create a big part of your own beauty identity, one of the great things about this is that your body can give you a comprehensive canvas for both ideas.

However, just be sure to pick a spot found within each fingertip so you can easily apply aftercare techniques to it – Unless you’re the type of person who gets someone to do it for you. Here are some of the best places to put a tiny tattoo on.

Below the shoulders – This is an area which can look like a good statement in an off-shoulder or strappy spaghetti top, but can be covered up easily with sleeves. The side of your ribs is also a good place to hide away a tiny tattoo, but all in all looks very pretty and delicate.

Fingertips are also a good place to hide away a tiny tattoo – However, it seems like only a couple of tattoo ideas would work for this placement. Apart from the side of your ribs, the ribcage is a good placement as well, especially when you want to be extra discreet about your new ink. Keep in mind that getting a tattoo in this area will hurt a lot. Another painful yet great spot to keep a tattoo hidden is on top of your foot, or your ankle. A lot of girls actually like getting tattoos done in this area, along with the side of the foot.

If you want a longer and thinner tattoo, the upper back is a good place to put it in. And if you can stand the pain, have it done along the spine. Sometimes girls like getting tattoos on their legs, or the upper thighs, which is very sensual. This is one more great place to hide a tattoo. Quote tattoos in particular look amazing on legs and thighs.

Aside from the fingertips, you can get a small tattoo done in between your fingers. Little symbols like letters will fit just nicely on the side of your fingers. Wrists are a classic place for you to get a tattoo on. This spot is excellent for pick-me-up and motivational quotes or word tattoos, or if you want to permanently etch a daily positive reminder onto your skin.

The back of the ear is one of the most delicate yet loveliest areas to wear your new tattoo design. Pop singer Ariana Grande recently got herself a tattoo at the back of her ear, as a tribute to the victims of her Manchester concert bombing.

Biceps are normally considered a symbol of physical strength. Symbols and motivational quote tattoos look excellent here.


Small Tattoo Preparation Tips

Before heading over to the shop, pack a small bag containing essentials such as juice, water, a fully-charged cellphone or iPad (in case you want to listen to some music or play games during the session), some snacks (preferably the ones with a high amount of carbohydrates or any protein-rich snacks like crackers, chips, granola bars or fresh fruit). If you want, you can also bring in a small blanket or a pillow. Make sure you have a ride home in case you will need one after the appointment. And don’t forget to bring your design or the reference material with you!

This might seem to go without saying anything, but be sure to take a shower or bath and clean yourself up before visiting the shop for your session. And unless you plan on getting a tattoo in your underarms, wear deodorant. Consider wearing old clothes that you don’t mind getting ink stains on. And even during the summer season, it’s always a good choice to bring in something warm or even a sweatshirt, because you can end up feeling cold when you’re getting the tattoo done.

The spot where you’ll get tattooed on, which is mostly composed of a large space of skin surrounding it, has to be shaved so your skin can be prepared for the needles and pigment. Certain clients will prefer to shave off the areas by themselves before visiting the shop, and they are free to do so – As long as their artist isn’t too satisfied with the shaving for whatever reason and will do it again themselves. Tattoo artists will often be doing the shaving themselves to prepare for the tattoo, so you no longer have to worry too much about feeling embarrassed or shy – A tattoo artist has seen it all.

If your skin tans easily, you might want to get it done beforehand because tattoos will prevent you from getting tanned again until it has completely healed up. You are required to apply sunblock on your tattoo during the recovery process. If spray-tanning is your thing, don’t do it beforehand as well. Not only will you end up getting a huge spot on your body scrubbed clean when the artist readies the area, but rinsing off a tan is a messy and huge chore all in all.

Eat a full meal before you come to the session. Eating filling and heavy food in particular can help you, since this lasts longer in your stomach. Feeling full will also help you relax and keep still during the session.

An artist has every right to not tattoo someone who is drunk or under the influence of drugs. This is actually illegal in many states. Even the smell of alcohol can get you kicked out of the shop. If you attend your appointment while intoxicated, you can lose your deposit. If you think you have to take something before the session, inform your artist ahead of time so they can tell if you this can affect the tattooing or not.

Are Small Tattoos For Girls Painful?

Perhaps the most common type of described pain which comes with getting a tattoo is like a heavy scratch. While the tattoo gun’s needles move around your skin, it feels like a rather intense scratch. And to begin with, this feeling isn’t too painful at all. However, it can still get a bit tedious, especially if the artist has been working on the same area for an hour or so.

A tattoo gun with multiple needles can feel a bit scratchier compared to one with a singular needle. So you’re more than likely to feel his pain in case your artist ends up shading instead of creating the design outline.

A sharp and stinging pain is delivered by a lower amount of needles on the gun, which happens when the tattoo is being outlined or if the artist is adding a fine detail. This is the type of pain which is similar to a needle piercing through your skin, making the pain feel intense and sharp. The same type of pain is experienced on parts of the body with lighter or thinner skin, like the inner biceps, and the wrists.

A stinging kind of pain isn’t that pleasant at all and will make you want to move this body part away from the needle. You could end up cursing a storm – But unfortunately, this is what tattooing is all about, and the main motto here is ‘no pain, no gain’. This is one of the truest things you’ll hear when you enter this career. All you have to do is to just sit through the pain, and you’ll get a gorgeous tattoo afterwards.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Small Tattoos For Girls

  • Is the tattoo studio a good one?
  • Picking the tattoo studio of your liking is very important but having to do research for the shop of your choice can make your tattoo dreams into reality. A lot of expert artists will recommend having to look for a shop that can suit your needs and your style as well. Most popular tattoo shops will have loads of reviews on sites like Google or Facebook. Go search for a reputable shop and browse through the artist’s own portfolio. And after you have found the shop of your dreams, go visit them for yourself. And while you’re at it, ask the staff or artist for their health permits, awards, blood-borne pathogen certifications, and the like. These are all signs that a shop is clean and safe to work and get tattoos in.
  • If I get myself a tattoo and develop an infection or any other skin reaction, what am I supposed to do?
  • Three things: The first one is to call up your doctor or a health care professional right away. Then the next person to contact is the artist who did your tattoo. This way, they can notify you about the information behind your tattoo – Such as the brand of ink used, the color, or any batch of info which could be helpful in figuring out the source of your allergy and how they can treat it properly. Lastly, report to the FDA. The FDA has always urged their clients, tattoo artists, and even their own health care professionals to send any tattoo-related reports to them. As for you, you have to provide as much detail as possible regarding the ink used as well as your skin’s reaction and the final outcome. Reports coming from consumers like yourself are one of the best sources of information and safety.
  • How do I get booked for an appointment?
  • Once you and your artist have both agreed on the final design of your tattoo, you are now free to book an appointment. Normally, you will be asked to pay a deposit to secure a booking. This is already around fifty percent of the entire cost of the session. The main deposit is then deducted from the final cost of the initial session, in case you have a large tattoo. in certain tattoo parlors, this deposit is forfeited in case you end up cancelling the appointment with less than 48 hours’ notice, or if you end up changing the design WHILE your artist has already begun working on the tattoo.
  • Why is white ink so popular?
  • Even though white ink tattoos are very popular on sites like Pinterest, Instagram or Tumblr, it’s pretty much similar to the pastel or ‘mermaid’ hair trend from years ago. White ink tattoos can only last for a brief period of time, before it wears off and ends up looking like a faded brown spot on your arm. Tattoo artists have all mentioned that white ink tattoos are good if you have an excellent and fitting design in mind, and you won’t use them too much. It does look white initially, but after the sun shines on them for a couple of years, it transforms itself into a nasty brown spot. UV ray tattoos, which were made popular by ravers since they glow underneath a blacklight, might seem like a cool and awesome thing since they’re invisible during the daytime.
  • What does the FDA know about tattoo inks?
  • The amount of info that the agency has about inks is actually quite limited. However, the FDA is working to analyze the inks people use for tattoos, as well as pigments, inspecting them for degradants, heavy metals, contaminants, as well as potentially hazardous chemicals such as pH stabilizers, coating agents, and microbicides, along with other materials which are not meant to be ingested or placed into the human body. There have been past reports in scientific journals regarding tattoo inks containing all sorts of toxic pigments, from the ones used in printers, to even old car paint.
  • What can I do to prepare my skin?
  • Before the weeks leading up to the tattoo session, your skin deserves a bit of pampering. If your skin is currently in excellent condition, this means it’s so much more receptive to receiving tattoo pigments and ink. Always keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.
  • Have I saved enough cash to ensure that my tattoo will come out nicely?
  • A great tattoo more or less always equals to an expensive tattoo. But everything is worth it – A nasty-looking tattoo for five bucks is never worth it in the long run, since they will need the extra expense of fixes and maintenance, as well as a potential removal or a cover-up in the future. This means you must have enough cash in tow to cover-up a top-notch job. Never lowball this one and give yourself an ink-induced headache instead of a piece you can willingly show off and be happy with.
  • What’s the best kind of first tattoo?
  • In case you’re not too keen on getting a tattoo design which is common and can practically see on any other tattooed individual, then just ask your tattoo artist for their honest opinion on what design works best for you. They will always provide you with some great insight, and they are always in the know about the latest trends in the tattooing industry. For the best kind of ‘first tattoo experience’, it is suggested that you take your time looking for the perfect tattoo artist and the perfect shop. Ideally, you will eventually find somebody whose tattooing style will suit the motif of your choice, provides you with excellent advice and counselling about tattoos, and is patient enough to answer all of your questions about tattoos. This artist will also take your wishes seriously, and makes sure that you are in great hands.
  • What’s the right kind of tattoo tipping etiquette?
  • In case you want to head back to your artist and shop of choice for a second or third (or fourth) tattoo, or if you have to return to finish a large piece, then you can leave them a tip after every session. It will all depend on how much each session will cost, or you can wait until the entire design is done to leave them a tip. If you plan on doing the latter, then you have to tell your artist that this is what you intend to do for tipping, so they won’t feel as if you’re stiffing them. For example, if you want a sleeve tattoo which costs 6,000 bucks, then a 10% tip is a great idea – Just use your judgement. Never stiff an artist since your tattoo is pricey or you can’t afford to leave them a tip. Perhaps the only exception here would be if you have had a horrible experience with the session. Talk to the shop owner, the staff or the artist about how they can make things right for your experience.

Average Service Cost & Standard Prices for Getting Small Tattoos for Girls

Plenty of factors will ultimately determine the price given by your tattoo artist. This includes artistic ability, the artist’s reputation, skills, where you want to place the tattoo on your body, how big or small you want the tattoo to be, and its complexity.

People who want to get a word or quote tattoo may want to know the price for every letter in the design. However, you may be relieved to know that a tattoo artist will not charge for each letter in a tattoo. There’s no kind of industry standard regarding the final price of a tattooed text, because everything will all depend on the size, the font, the detail, and the final location of the text. The average tattoo artist will charge by the hour, so you need to ask them for a full estimate for how long it will take to finish off the entire design.

For a tiny design which only takes an hour or less, or a medium-sized tattoo which takes less than two hours to finish off, artists will often give you a flat free right up front. Comprehensive tattoo designs which take up plenty of skill from the artist themselves could potentially take longer hours and multiple visits to the shop. For instance, a watercolor tattoo can cost more than just getting a simple writing in black ink since they do require plenty of color and loads of techniques to finish off. So the amount of time it takes to finish a tattoo will also be a determining quality.

Sometimes the location of the shop will be connected to how popular it is with the general public. A tiny tattoo shop located in a smaller town is more than likely to charge a lesser amount of a tattoo, compared to a much bigger studio in a highly urban city. That’s because tattoo shops located in these remote areas will have a smaller amount of clients per day, and therefore will have to be much more careful with the total structure of tattoo pricing, so that they won’t put things off and turn away VIP clients. Another reason why smaller tattoos can have affordable final prices is because talented artists in these areas are much more difficult to find, in comparison to a bigger city or town with plenty of people living in it. A larger city equals to more tattoo shops.

And lastly, the area where you want to get the tattoo done will ultimately be determined by the place where you want to put it. Most expert tattoo artists have mentioned that there are least sensitive and more sensitive spots on the body where you can get the tattoo done. The areas on the body with the least sensitivity are much cheaper than the rest. These include the shoulders and shoulder blades, the calves, the outer thighs, the forearms, and the upper arms and biceps. It seems like the more sensitive the area is, the higher the price – Including the underarm, the ankles, the neck, the lower back, and the head.

As a whole, color tattoos can have a bigger price than gray or black ink, but only at a marginal price. Because colored inks and pigments can generally cost a lot more than black ink, some artists will choose to charge them at a bigger price, even though this isn’t practiced in most shops and plenty of other artists will give off the same rate no matter what the color is. And this applies to white ink tattoos as well. One more reason as to why acquiring a colored tattoo could be pricier is that your artist might have to take more time out in between sessions to mix and change up colors for the next part. This entire changing and mixing of two pigments can increase the final price of your tattoo, especially if it’s a large piece. That’s because the amount of time it takes to maintain and combine two or more shades together through the whole tattooing session can add up to plenty of things, especially if you have sat on that tattoo chair for many hours.

Small Tattoos For Girls Maintenance Tips

For the first few weeks, your new ink might feel a bit warm to the touch and can take on a reddish appearance with a bit of swelling. The colors from the pigment might also show up looking very bright than usual against the rest of your skin. And while your tattoo heals up, the colors will return back to their normal shade.

For your part, you should never submerge it in open water like lakes or rivers, or even in the bathtub. Do not get your new ink wet, except when you’re about to clean it up. This could last for three up to six weeks. During this period, you can still continue washing your tattoo gently with the unscented liquid soap and lukewarm water.

The amount of times you have to wash your tattoo will all depend on your daily activity levels and working environment. For instance, somebody who works inside a cold, air-conditioned environment may only have to clean their tattoo at least once a day. However, if you work in a gym or any other sweaty or active environment, then you may have to wash your new ink at least three times per day, or even after every three hours.

It’s always good to give your tattoo a good wash using clean fingers, and not with a paper towel, or a damp cloth. This can lead to skin irritation and prematurely remove scabs which have started to form. These scabs may start showing up during the first couple of days, and the excess ink might still show up through the skin and will need to be washed away. Leave those scabs alone. Give it several gentle pats if it starts itching.

It takes a week or so for them scabs to fully heal.

During the second week, your scabs will begin to dry up and flake off by themselves. Continue to wash your tattoo gently and keep moisturizing it, since it could get easy to tear off scabs that haven’t dried yet, and damage your tattoo’s final look.

This is the part where your skin will start to itch. Do not scratch it, no matter how tempting. Extra moisturizer and gentle pats can relieve the itching. Keep the moisturizer cold inside your fridge, since cool moisturizer can relieve irritated or itchy skin. And if necessary, purchasing over-the-counter products like Benadryl can be ingested to stop the itching and the irritation so you won’t pick on the scabs.

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