225 Hottest Japanese Dragon Tattoos This Year

Japanese dragon tattoos come in a variety of designs. Some are impressive, scary, and have a conspicuous Japanese look; this makes them recognisable by many. Whether you want one drawn on your shoulder, back, or face, you’ll have multivariate locales where you’d get them

Having one of them in your body could mean a lot. They are not just dragooned tattoos but display a particular symbolic meaning. Some may depict masculinity, power, sexual passion, longevity, strength, and wisdom, among more. Understandably the Japanese government has been stringent on the dragon tattoo thing, and you’ll have to work extra hard to find the best traditional Japanese’s dragoon tattoo artists.

Drawing a Japanese Dragon tattoo is not an easy undertaking, of course, there are machines and experts for that. Also, there are DIY methods of drawing these tattoos, though, they may not be as efficient as ones done by a professional.

Of late, both the modern and traditional Japanese tattoos have grown in fame. They are sort out by many, both men and women. And when you need to jump into the Japanese dragoon tattoo thing, you could choose from these influential Japanese dragon tattoo artists:

Top 5 Influential Japanese Tattoo Artists

  1. Horitada’s Irezumi

A tattoo artist mainly focused on Japanese traditional arts. He produces works that depict Japanese traditional style and Iconography, like a samurai, koi, dragons, and cherry blossoms, among others. He has loads of experience in the Japanese traditional arts and his works speak for themselves. Some of his brilliant work collection is of Japanese dragon tattoos, though he does so many pieces. He fancies working in black and grey colours and spices up his works with a little imagery that resembles sakura petals and coiling snakes.

  1. Horizaru

Renowned for his love of colour, professionalism nature, and drawing o breath-taking Japanese dragon tattoos pieces, among others. Horizaru has his own studio where he draws multivariate tattoos. While his colourful pieces are second to none, it’s even the marinating of different colours that make them outstanding. His tattoos are ones you would love drawn on your shoulder, arms, and any other conspicuous locale in your body.

  1. Ryugendo

He’s famous for a lot of reasons. First, he produces some authentic tattoo drawings, charges an expensive price, and take more than 30 hours for a single tattoo drawing. This is a place that most people needing authentic Japanese Dragon tattoos to visit… But I will warn you in advance as the procedure is painful, though at the end you’ll have a wondrous tattoo that everyone could love.

  1. Horisuzu.

He’s a traditional dragoon tattoo artist renowned for maintaining Japanese traditionalism with integrity. And the latter showcases his pieces. He is a great tebori (Hand tattooing) artist and his works depict things famous in Japanese cultures like dragons, snakes, gods, tigers, and demons, among others. Horisuzu is considerate of the type of imagery that your tattoo will portray, and most of his pieces convey one story. He does this by drawing a central image on the back and arms acting like secondary image sources. His pieces take longer to complete, and it can go up to 12 years, but they are close to permanent.

  1. Horiyoshi III

He’s a Japan tattoo master focusing of full body dragon tattooing and suits, renowned as irezumi or horimono. His works have featured and accredited by popular publications, like Guardian, CNN, and more. He has a studio in Yokohama Japan, tattooing using a free hand and electric needle. He adds flavours to his work using traditional tebori and restricts his motifs to the classical repertoire. And his works depict various Japanese stories like koi, peonies, tenyo, and dragons, among others.

Varieties of Japanese Dragon Tattoos

Some of the best Japanese dragon tattoos look impressive when they are bigger, drawn on entire body back, or arms. Likewise, most artists marinate different colours, making them have even wondrous looks. But, you need to trade carefully as some of the Japanese dragon tattoos are not easy to hide. They are conspicuous and if you‘ve an illegal one, you’ll have to work smart to conceal it. Some of our considerate Japanese Dagon tattoos designs include;

Large Scale Japanese Dragon Tattoos

This tattoo curation is  with the chest as its nerve centre. There’s the use of dark ink and shading works providing it with a cute finish. There is a different artist that blemished it with different colours, and this makes it look stylish.

Full Dark Ink Japanese Tattoos.

Mostly drawn on the back and with a deep dark ink that provides a menacing appearance.  Though the tattoo comprises of most scary parts, its cartography makes it appealing. Also, it doesn’t have plenty of colour but looks distinctive

Japanese Dragon Tattoo with Wings

Still a large scale Japanese tattoo that has wings dispersed all over one shoulder blades. Its features some modernish, party Japanese traditional drawings, and its blended to produce a breath-taking eastern, western, and Japanese dragon history.

Snake-inspired Japanese Dragon Tattoos

Most of the Japanese dragon’s tattoos feature a long tail snake with a claw at the end. And as there is a different type of dragons, the design varies among different artists. Some draw it on the back, neck, arm, and using different cartography

Female inspired Dragon Tattoo Designs

They are non-scary, playful, and cute. Mostly, they are small sized and placed in designated and appealing women body parts. But, as dragons don’t have any feminism characteristic, but more masculine, it will all be upon the artist to furnish the tattoo to look great.

Koi Fish Inspired Dragon Tattoos

Most of its parts resemble the koi fish, but most artists decorate other parts differently. There are other that‘ll unify its head to resemble a camel, neck to look lie snake belly, and talons to resemble a hawk. These designs are the scariest but work best on men.


Meaning of Japanese Dragon Tattoos

As there are different Japanese dragon’s tattoos and artists, they all pass across different messages. Understandably there’s a different tattoo interpretation when drawn in men and women. And the traditional dragon tattoos will convey different meanings as compared to technological ones.

Some Japanese dragon tattoos depict strength; these are usually large, scary, and drawn on the back. They contain all the imaginations of what a dragon should look like. Most of the tattoo drawings will feature snake parts, hawks, koi fish, eagles, and horns of a stag.  Understandably these tattoos are common to both men and women, and for men, they’ll depict strength, and for women fearlessness.

There are Japanese dragon tattoos that carry myth and folklore. This will have distinctive charms, picturesque colouring, and mythological motifs. During the medieval periods, there were some tattoos that acted as a symbol of punishment, petty criminals, and they represented evildoers.

Ideal Placement of Japanese Dragon Tattoos.

There is no specific part for placing the Japanese Dragon tattoos. Deepening on needs of the client, knowledgeability of the tattoo artists, and person physique, a tattoo can be formulated in any body parts.

However, the ideal place for drawing it depends on the nature of the Japanese dragon tattoo; depicted as slender and long.  Ones back provide a suitable place for Japanese tattoo drawing, of course, there’s plenty space allowing the artist to improvise. Likewise, the back part provides grounds for one to have a larger background when drawing, and this provides the tattoo with breath-taking and conspicuous appearance.

Placing a tattoo on one’s arm is an also ideal, and there’s plenty of them featuring in the latter spot. Understandably going for a half sleeve; having a tattoo in the arm and part of the body front or back, could provide it with a wonderful appearance. Also placing the tattoos on the top of the arm, in a position that’s a little above one’s elbow, or further up, could work best.

Japanese Dragon Tattoo Preparation Tips

When you have confirmed an appointment with your Japanese Dragon tattoos specialists, and the big day, is just some days, hours, seconds away, you’ll need to prepare for the ordeal. This should be both physically or physiologically as the process is time consuming, pain –inflicting, especially if done in a traditional manner, and nutrients needing –to aid you in quicker recovery.

And as tattooing artists take different periods to complete the process, some years, two, or more, you will need to pick preferred hours. This could be once, or twice a week depending on your availability.

It’s almost a matter of utmost importance to come with some boredom and monotony eliminating agents. Anything that helps calm stress like a book, video game, or music, could do.

Also, you will need to eat a balanced –diet meal, and possibly drink a lot of water. And it would be great if this‘s done two hours before your visit. The latter will help your skin be subtle and ready for the tattooing process.

For the tattooing process to run smoothly, it’s recommended you stay away from any recreational drugs and a drinking alcohol, for just one day before your visit.  This will put your body in great shape for the process. Having a cool sleep, continued hydration, and rest before, and even after the appointment is a great thing to do.

Pain to Expect During & After a Japanese Dragon Tattoo Session

Pain is imminent, not just during the Japanese dragon tattooing session, but on others. And as you will have to bear some prinking, burning, vibrating, and needle pain feelings during the process, backache pain, for sleeping for too much, there are some locales where you ‘ll feel it the most. Remember our body pain receptors have a variant level of sensitivity, and when tattooing on your forehead, spine, neck, ankles, top of your feet, close to private parts, and other areas that are too assertive to pain.

Some of the less sensitive areas for tattooing, if you are a pain – freak, include, the fingers, thighs, hip, on the shin, back of your ear, and upper area of your back, among others. You could calm yourself, not something many could do. Chewing or squeezing something could help in the process.

After the process, of course, the better part of the pricked parts will hurt. To ease the pain, you’ll expect to eat, take a good sleep, and drink plenty of water.

FAQs Re:  Japanese Dragon Tattoos

  1. What do Japanese Dragon Tattoos represent?

Depending on the methodology to which they are drawn, most of them will depict strength –those drawn on men, Fearlessness in women, and wisdom. Some of the other things that they will represent include luck, wisdom, power, and longevity.

  1. What does red Dragon symbolise?

According to the Japanese traditions, the red dragon symbolizes some extraordinary powers; those with the ability to take control over rainfall loads and water.

  1. Is it Safe to get a Tattoo while pregnant?

If you care much for your unborn baby, you shouldn’t do something that will jeopardize that. And one of those is getting a tattoo. The reason being, getting one may lead to an infection, and there are a lot of diseases that dirty needles could spread hat like HIV Aids, Hepatitis B, and C. Likewise, it could affect one chance of having an epidural, not mentioning, that after birth, in case, you got one while pregnant , its appearance would not be similar to before. It’s not recommended to get a tattoo while pregnant as the risks are too high.

  1. How does one get tattooed safely?

Whether you want that Japanese dragon tattoo, or of a different kind, you could search for the best tattoo professional to do it, get ready for the process, drink and eat well before the tattooing day, and stay away from any kinds of drugs, two days before an appointment.

  1. How long does it take to get A Tattoo?

There is no specific –researched, and fact supplemented answer, as this is dependent on many variables. There’re tattoos that take 5 years to complete, and if you do fortnight visits, others may take a year or less. You’ll have to agree with your tattoo specialist on the duration. But those wanting a close to permanent tattoos that will last long term will require more time to complete.

  1. Can one get a tattoo during menstruation period?

Of course, Yes. There is no way tattooing could affect menstruation period. And as per now, there are no researches that prove that inflicting pain could affect menstruation cycle. However, you will have to bear with the pain factor and a discomfort feeling. The latter could make you susceptible to pain. But taking medications or any herbal supplement before tattooing could affect the process.

  1. Will putting on or losing weight affect my tattoo.

Yes.  Tattoos are weight sensitive. And if you keep adding, or lose weight, your skin elasticity would not be good. This contraction and expansion could cause a change to your tattoo. But the change would not be that big, furthermore, it wot damage the tattoo that big.

Average Service Cost & Standard Prices for Getting a Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Depending on nature, type, and duration, the cost of getting one will greatly vary.  Reasonably, this is something you could agree upon with your tattoos specialist, but most of them charge per session basis. Also, Japanese dragon tattoos cost more than others, the reason being a greater part of them are traditionally made.

However, a considerate pricing should not surpass $200 per hour, though there are others that take less than that.  But going for a session’s price, instead of hourly could save you some bucks.

Maintenance Tips After Getting A Dragon Tattoo

After the process eats a healthy diet and drinks plenty of water to help with the tattoo healing process. But try as much as possible to avoid exposing your tattoo to sun rays. The sun wavelength could cause itching, not to mentioning, affecting your tattoo design.  And as you cannot stay in shady places always in the name of maintaining your tattoo, it’s advisable to wear protective clothing when necessary.

Always keep your tattoo clean this will be simply washing it with clean water. Also, you could apply a suitable lotion, or any other moisturizer, to make your skin moist and supple. But you need to use lotion products that are fragrance-free to avoid the itching.   Instead of itching, of course, it’s expected at times, it would be advisable to slap the place slightly. You will get the same relieving feeling and keep your tattoo in check

Revisit your studio or some touch ups. They will also provide advice on the best methodology for taking care of your tattoo.  Lastly, be patient as the tattoo heals. At times the healing time could be longer than expected. But they won’t go past a week for simple small line designs and months for complex ones. The key is to make sure your tattoo is clean and perfectly moisturised

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