225 Coolest Behind the Ear Tattoos for Ladies This Year

The back of your earlobe is among the most painful areas of being tattooed, and a less favorited spot by many. Understandably, one would take the least time possible to get a tattoo placed there since most prefer to feel this pain only for the shortest duration possible.

The good news is, there are countless behind the ear tattoos. Therefore, it will come down to you choosing one that amazes you; you will have a larger array of options. You could choose from cute little animals, feathers, flower and geometric patterns among others. In addition, if you’re able to get the coolest behind the ear tattoo artist, then you just increased your chances of getting a stunning tattoo.

Here is our careful selection of the most influential behind the ear tattoo artists. Some of their work has been featured in major publications and has also received different tattoo awards.

behind-the-ear-tattoosbehind the ear tattoos

Top 5 Influential behind the Ear Tattoo Artists

  1. Whang-od; She made her name as one of the best behind ear tattoo artist in the Philippines. Her works are an inspiration to the upcoming tattoo artist, not only in the Philippines but globally. Kick-starting her tattoo works at the tender age of 15, Whang, tattooed famous Butbut warriors and continue to tattoo visitors interested in a Kalinga traditional Philippines tattoo and behind the ear tattoo. Her works have featured in many publications, even acknowledged by the Senate in 2018
  2. Luke Wessman. After getting a tattoo at the age of 16 from family and friends, Luke surged forward to grow his love for tattooing. He worked in a small tattoo shop in the summer town, Tennessee, where he learned the act. With the acquired skis, he went to San Diego, where he began tattooing on a full-time basis. His works featured in various publication and T.V. shows, not mentioning that some of were in use in the Jay Z and Beyoncé tours.
  3. Darren Brass. He acknowledges Ed Hardy as the person he looked up to in the tattooing industry. Being an influential behind the ear tattoo drawer, Darren style, and simplicity in personality makes him an admirable figure to many. He is also a great contributor to the American tattoo industry and brings something different in the game.
  4. Kim Saigh. She began tattooing in 1992, in Cleveland, latter, 1995, she moved to Chicago for greener pastures. Besides being staunch behind the ear tattoo artist, Kim does Memoirs tattooing. Kim has tattooed many celebrities. In addition, she believes the secret of being a fabulous tattoo artist is to be to have the set skills, being honest, and creative, among others.
  5. Amy Nicoletto. She is a tattoo artist and renowned T.V.personality. After having, an ink on her at the age of 18, Nicolleto, fell in love with tattooing. Ever since, she grew the hobby to become a regular tattoo showstopper. She does most of her works in Los Angeles with her favorited tattoo styles being, behind the ear tattoo, black, and grey portraits, among others. She is an inspiration to many upcoming tattoo artist in the Los Angeles and her works speak voluminously about his act.

Types Of Behind The Ear Tattoos

There are many varieties of behind the ear tattoos. In addition, when it comes to nestling one, its design is a matter of utmost importance. Similar to minimalist tattoos, there are certain designs that will fit on you; understandably, there is a small section at the back of your earlobe for that. Despite their minimalist nature, a perfect tattoo artist could find ways to ink the multivariate designs perfectly. Some of the famous behind ear tattoos include:

  1. Flower Inspired Behind the Ear Tattoos.

Flowers are widely used in many tattoo designs, First, they are eye-catching, romantic, and could arouse feelings. Depending on the nature of the flower you want, having it tattooed behind your year could make you leave an impression. Some of the favorited behind the ear flower tattoos have purple flowers colours, big flowers, and floating flower colours among others.  It will thus come down to you and the tattoo artist to choose the perfect flower colour that will match the tone of your skin and present the personality you want.

  1. Initials Behind the ear Tattoos.

If you want to be a sceptic in your designs, going for some simple behind the ear initials tattoo design could be perfect. In addition, these could represent a particular town; acknowledge a loved one or celebrity.   It is a great behind the ear tattoo choice considering that it takes less time to draw and has no complication. However, you could decorations on it making it look attractive and symbolic.

  1. Tree Designs.

If you are to draw a simple silhouette of a tree, you could have one of the cutest tattoo; though not something most people would shop for. However, nature lovers find this design perfect. You could have it drawn in a simple and perfect manner something that will provide you with a powerful tattoo.

  1. Roman numeral Behind The Ear Tattoos.

Having some Roman numeral tattoo symbols in your back of the ear could be cool. The roman numerals could be symbolic and have a different interpretation among many. In addition, they fit perfectly on the back of the ear, as they require less creativity and space.

  1. Anchor Inspired Behind the Ear Tattoos.

Tattooing has a great history and been associated with sailors; therefore, having an anchor ink on you could carry a lot of meaning. Understandably, its designs will match perfectly with your earlobe and it could have a different interpretation. You could use it to illustrate your love for sailing, or aquatic life, among more.

Meaning of behind The Ear Tattoos

Not only are the behind the ear tattoos small and subtle, but carry different meanings.  First, having behind the ear tattoos could make you look like badass, reason, being, the area of its drawing is not appropriate to many. In addition, many argue that why someone should put that ink behind the ear, whereas there are other body areas of doing so.

Secondly, behind the ear tattoos imply one descriptive nature and always wanting to conceal somethings to the public. Understandably, behind the ear tattoos are only visible to those behind you, unless otherwise.

Likewise, having a spider tattoo, especially, on women could imply some motherly love, one having a creepy feeling, or feminine power. The correct interpretation, however, is dependent on the subjects.  In addition, the spider designs capture attention and hardly go unnoticed. Likewise, having a honeybee behind the ear tattoo could mean you are a hardworking fellow, understanding, and value cooperation.

In conclusion, depending on the given behind the ear tattoo, they will display several meaning to the public.

Ideal Placement of the behind the ear tattoos.

Since the designated location is behind your ear, placing it on a particular region behind the ear could make your stand out.  Depending on the particular style that you want, you could have it inked below, central, or above positions of your ear.  However, the ideal positions are something you and the tattoo artist could agree on.

Behind the Ears Tattoos Preparation Tips

As the area behind your ear has plenty pain receptors, you should expect the process to be painful. Nevertheless, the fabulous news is behind the ear tattoos takes lesser time to draw, meaning, you will have to bear less pain. That said you would need to prepare adequately before the process. In addition, with our considerate behind the ear tattoos tips; you will find the process to be easy.

Drink Plenty Water

Drinking plenty of water or staying hydrated is a good way to maintain excellent body functioning and proper health. This is of utmost importance when heading to a tattooing session, as it will make your skin to supply enabling you to go for longer tattooing sessions feeling less pain.  In addition, you should make your skin moist from the inside and outside. For the latter, you will need to apply a perfect moisturizer. Understandably, this should be done some weeks, probably once, or twice before tattooing. However, refrain from applying a moistening your skin right before the tattooing session as this could interfere with the process.


It will be of great help if you could shave the area being tattooed. This way your tattoo artists will have it easy. Justifiably, you should also maintain proper sanitation as it would make you and the artist comfortable.


It is good to take a good sleep before a tattoo session. The more your body feel relaxed the greater tattooing period you could last. In addition, besides relaxing prior to the tattoo period, you should find ways of doing so during the sessions. Therefore, you could come in any form of entertainment that will aid in sucking pain. A phone, laptop, or a book, among other things would do.

Avoid Alcoholic Drinks before the Tattooing day.

It would be great if you will stay away from drinking alcohol or using any other drug before the process. In addition, this is to avoid the alcoholic effects jeopardising the tattoo process or lading too many other compilations.

Pain to Expect During & After Getting Behind the Ear Tattoos.

As previously mentioned, you should expect to suck in some pain, as the ear is one of the most painful parts of the body to receive a tattoo. During the process, you should expect a scratching, sharp stinging, vibrating, and pain like feeling. However, the pain is something you could endure, more so, with behind the eat tattoos that take lesser time.

After the tattooing process, you should expect a scratching fleeing, but this normally lasts for less than a week. You could get rid of the pain through gently slapping the area instead, applying a suitable lubricant, and make sure that your tattoo is kept clean.

FAQs Re: Behind the Ear Tattoos.

  1. How bad do Tattoos actually hurt?

Needless to stay tattooing is an adrenaline stimulating process. In addition, with the use of tattooing machines with needless, you should expect to get take in some pain. However, if there is something I understand better, is that the pain is endurable. In addition, you can be overcome it. Moreover, the pain will be more in some regions than others will. Some of the less painful areas are the ones with the fewer pain receptors and vice versa.

  1. Can Drinking Alcohol makes the tattoo pain go away.

Before and after getting a tattoo, you should refrain from drinking to make that pain go away. You will need to take good care of your tattoo and these calls for you to be sober. Needless to say, I if you are not, you could end up succumbing to more injuries when drunk, which could be more harmful.

  1. Is it cool to take Ibuprofen before a tattoo?

It is not recommended to take over the counter medication before getting a tattoo. These have their side effects, despite being pain relievers. For example, taking Aspirin could lead to more bleeding during the process. On the other hand, ibuprofen could lead to blood thinning and clotting. It will be okay if you just stay hydrated and apply moisturizer on your skin. However, if you cannot stay away from the painkillers, taking acetaminophen is recommended

  1. How much does a Behind the ear tattoos cost?

There is no standard price for a particular tattoo service. This is something that you could agree upon with your tattoo artist.  However, many factors to consider before arriving at a quote. Some of them include the tattoo artist skills, type, and area of coverage, and colour, among others. However, most professional tattoo artist charge per hourly basis. In addition, with a good tattoo artist, you should expect to pay an hourly charge of $100-$300.  Others charge per session basis.

  1. Can I Sun Bathe Immediately after getting a tattoo?

It is recommended for you to cover the tattoo area always. Exposing it to direct sunlight during the healing process could make it itch, not mentioning developing other complication. Likewise, if you expose your tattoo in the sun for greater periods, even after its healing process, there is the likelihood that it will fade.  Besides staying away from sunlight rays, one I recommended you avoid spa, sauna, and hot polls for at least 3 weeks as this could slow down the healing process.

  1. How long does a tattoo take to heal?

For most people it will take about 2 – 3weeks for the tattoo cuts to heal. Thereafter you could resume doing things as normal. However, the healing process will be dependent on plenty of factors.  If you do practice a better after tattoo health care, the period could be even lesser. However, for a complete healing, it could go for about 6 months. Nevertheless, it is usually wise to worry about better after tattoo care than healing time.

  1. How will I know if my tattoo is infected?

Getting a tattoo infection can happen anytime, especially, if you do not practice a better after tattoo care. And by inspection, you will be able to check for any signs of tattoo infections. If you notice redness signs, tenderness, experience rashes, have swelling, and a pus emancipating from the tattoo area is advisable to call a dermatologist or any health care provider. The healthcare provider will prescribe some antibiotics and help in treating the tattoo.

Average Service Cost & Standard Prices for Getting Behind ears tattoos.

As behind ears tattoos takes the least time to draw, you should expect a favourable quote. However, the least cost could be pegged between $ 50- $70. In addition, this could change depending on several factors like the tattoo colour, complexity, placement, and shape among others.  Mostly the standard price could be per session or hourly basis. With the stipulated hourly pricing, an experienced tattoo artist charge could be $100- $250.

Maintenance Tips after Getting Behind the Ear Tattoos.

First, getting enough rest time will make your body relax and heal faster. In addition, this calls you to sleep and avoid working for longer hours. Also, you will need to cover the tattooed area and minimise its exposure to sunlight. The latter could affect the healing process, not mentioning intense sunrays could make it colour fade.

You will also need to wash the tattooed area keeping it clean and dry.  Afterwards, apply a suitable moisturizer; this will make it moist, and it is recommended to use some, which would not lead to secondary infections. You can also apply an antibacterial ointment or a thin layer of petroleum jelly. It could also be best if you could bandage or seal the tattooed area as this could avoid possible injuries to it.  In addition, the fabulous news is that there are multiple ways to cover your tattoo. There are makeup products, which are perfectly med for this.

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