155 Macho Collar Bone Tattoos for Men This Year

Men who want to look stylish and sport a stunning masculine appearance prefer to get collarbone tattoos. Understandably, you need to prepare in advance before getting one. First, areas on and around the collar bone are among the most painful regions in the body to get a tattoo.   In addition, it takes more hours and sessions to ink them than regular shoulder tattoos and the like. Lastly, they are not easy to cover.  Still want one despite the immense pain you must endure? If so, check out our list of inspiring collarbone tattoo artists.


Top 5 Influential Collarbone Tattoo Artists

Learning from the Collarbone tattoo legends could make you get that ink faster. The good news is that there are abundant of them. Their works speak for themselves, and some are an inspiration in their countries. Some of the famous collarbone tattoo artists include:

Nick Hurtado; He is a famous tattoo artist as well as T.V. personality.  Nick was born in 1989, beginning his tattooing works in 2002. Besides being a fan of collarbone tattooing, she also loves colour portraiture styles.  He has a long list of influential tattoo clients globally and in the United States. In addition, there is a lot of publication that acknowledges some of his works.

Hannah Aitchison; The American collarbone tattoo artist was born in 1966 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; where she opened her first tattooing shop.  Besides tattooing, she is also a T.V. personality and featured in the TLC reality shows.  She has plenty of collarbone-inspired designs for men and women that are still in use today. In addition, her works features in various publication and she is a true reflection of Collarbone tattoo artists in America.

Samuel O’Reilly (1854:1909). Having been born in Waterbury, New, Haven, Connecticut, Samuel love for tattooing did not just end in his birthplace as he moved to New York to open his first tattoo shop. He is the pioneer of the electric tattoo machine and some of his works display how fabulous he was in collarbone tattoos drawing. Samuel went further to tattoo some famous artist and inspired many people to follow their tattooing passion like Charles Wagner.

Sutherland Macdonald. Sutherland is as a pioneer collarbone tattoo artist. He opened his tattoo studio in 1894, putting that ink on great clients. Early in his career, he used hand tools before graduating to electric machines. Some of his favourite’s clients were the sons of kings and queens, among many. He is still a respected figure in Britain when it comes to tattooing. In addition, some of his works speak a lot about the tons of experience he had.

Jonathan Shaw. Not only is he good at collarbone tattoo drawing, but also he is a popular writer and novelist. Some of his work records the tattoo history and style. He has a lot of tattoo drawing online, and he is perfect at inventing and creating many arts.

Collarbone Tattoos Types

As this tattooing style is favorited among celebrities, women, and men, there are plenty of its designs online.  Moreover, our five considerate designs will inspire you.

  1. Birds Collarbone Tattoos.

Birds are awesome creatures and when used as collarbone tattoos, they could display different meanings.  Depending on the type that you want, they could symbolize, change, freedom, and spirituality, among more. Most men will have a different number of bird’s tattoos on them. These could represent the number of family members, protections, fatherhood, and elegance, among others.  In addition, bird’s collarbone tattoos for men are not that stylish as in women; men will go for simple ones and worry less about colour, designs, and exact placement.

  1. Mountain Range Collarbone tattoos

If you like to get outdoors with family, friends, or your date, having a mountain range collarbone tattoos could portray much about your hobby needing no introduction. You could have a picture of a mountain drawn on your collarbone area. These could carry a lot of symbolic meaning, and portray your love for skiing, rock climbing, hiking, and picnicking, and more. Moreover, if you are not much of a mountain climber, you could ink a given collarbone tattoo depending on your hobby. If you like to tour the sea, you could consider tattooing islands or palm trees, and more. Understandably, you could even portray your love to a particular season with a simple tattoo displaying if you are a summer, winter, spring, or autumn person.

  1. Roman numeral Collarbone Tattoo.

Having Roman numeral on your collarbone area could speak a lot about your personality. Many men put this ink not only in the collarbone areas but also on other parts of the body.  In men, the roman numerals may be a symbol of their date of birth, anniversary, or some of your family member’s special occasions.  Moreover, the good news about the Roman numeral collarbone tattoos is easy to draw and need fewer decorations.

  1. Script Collarbone Tattoos.

It is a known trend that men nowadays draw some famous scripts on their collarbone areas. These scripts display various messages and portray their true colours; somewhat they believe in. These type of scripts or phrases in men are simple predominantly inked in grey and black colour. In addition, they are inked across the chest in a region below the collarbone area.  However, the simple nature of these scripts and phrases, they could speak voluminously about the subject. Therefore, it is an instrumental matter to choose a perfect collarbone tattoo artist.  This way, you will be able to ink a given script perfectly displaying the intended message.

  1. Coffin Collarbone Tattoos.

Coffin collarbone tattoos have become a trend in many men. Those that have a coffin ink on them state that it reminds them of the short life they have on earth. Understandably, the chest and collarbone region provides a perfect legion to ink them. In addition, their drawing is in black and grey colours with their fusion of wings and traditional style roses to provide them with a wondrous appearance.


Meaning of Collarbone Tattoos.

Each collarbone tattoo will display a particular meaning. This is dependent on many factors. If you choose to have a coffin collarbone tattoo, you could imply your determination for a better life. Another person could interpret it differently and conclude that you are afraid of death. On the other hand, Roman numerals collarbone tattoos could display a certain message to the public.

This could be about you, your family member, or your date. The latter tattoos carry the same meaning as script collarbone tattoos and the difference is the use of script and roman numerals.


Ideal Placement of Collarbone Tattoos.

Depending on the type of collarbone tattoo, its placement could be anywhere in the collarbone area. However, for minimalist ones, they could draw it to cover the collarbone area, chest, and other body regions that are closer.

Understandably, the choice will be dependent on how large or small you want it drawn. However, the correct location of a collarbone tattoo is something you could agree upon with your artist. There are certain designs that will not ogre well with your body designs.  Some scripts may be too large and need a larger space and vice versa.

Collarbone Tattoos Preparation Tips.

You need to prepare before getting a collarbone tattoo. And as previously stated, drawing one is a painful undertaking, moreover , it  will require a little bit of time; If you are an after a complex design.  To ensure that you are in the right state for the process, both physically, mentally, and emotionally, make sure that:

You hydrate yourself.


It is a matter of great importance to be hydrated before getting a tattoo. You could do so by drinking plenty of water.  Most of the tattoo expert will recommend you to take eight glasses of water, but more amount would do.

The reasoning is that if your skin is well hydrated, its surface will be able to take in the ink easier. This is something that could make you experience lesser pain compared to one with dehydrated one.

Eat Before The Tattooing Day.

Having enough food is crucial, as you will avoid being light headed during the process.  Understandably eating food rich in energy, carbohydrates, and proteins could make you physically prepared and be able to soak up pain during the process. Yawning could greatly affect the tattooing process.

Avoid Blood thinning products.

From non-professionals’ understanding, taking aspirin among other pain relievers could relieve pain. Of course, yes, but when suffering from other ailments. As in the collarbone tattooing case, Aspirin and other pain relievers are well known to cause blood thinning. This is something that could increase your breeding rate.

Do not Drink Alcohol.

Likewise, you should stay away from drinking alcohol.  Not only will it affect your body functioning during the tattooing process, but could lengthen your healing time. In addition, most tattooist recommends that you refrain from drinking alcoholic contents, two days before your tattooing session.

Take A Good Sleep.

Before the actual tattooing day, it is instrumental to take some rest. This will make you feel relaxed and ready for the process. Remember, tattooing sessions could take a long time and having your body conditioned beforehand could help.

Wear some comfortable apparels.

While getting the collarbone tattoos, you could put on something light; any, which will make you, feel comfortable.

Pain to Expect During & After Getting Collarbone Tattoo.

Collarbone tattoos come along with great pain. Therefore, expect to get a burning and needle-like pricking feeling during the process. Afterward, pain may emancipate due to itching and exposure of the tattoo area to sun, non-recommended tattoo products, among others.

However, the good news is that the pain is endurable and something you could withstand.  Some of the methods that could distract you from pain include listening to music, reading, and playing some video games, among others.

FAQs Re: Collarbone Tattoos.

Is collarbone tattoo painful?

Justifiably, the collarbone area is the best spot of being tattooed, but among the painful regions too.  As the area has less fat, as well as, muscle tissues, you should expect to get an acute needle like pain feeling. However, there are many recommendations that could make the pain go away.  Drinking plenty of water, getting a cool sleep, and coping with pain distractors could be of great help.

How do I take care of my tattoo?

Whether you have a collarbone or any other tattoo type, taking care of it is of utmost importance. This will help in a quick recovery and prevent your tattoo from being infected.  To take good care of your tattoo, always keep it clean. This calls for you to wash it regularly and apply a suitable moisturizer. Likewise, it would be great if you could always cover your tattoo. This will prevent it from direct sunrays, which could jeopardize its healing process.

What is the best way of coming up with collarbone tattoo designs?

Collarbone tattoos drawing is at times dependent on a given inspiration. . In addition, there are many avenues online, which could help come up or revamp a particular design. If you cannot draw it, you could choose from the multivariate collarbone tattoos designs online. However, your artist could help you choose one depending on the tone of your skin, body shape, and placement positions.

What is the cost of getting a Collarbone Tattoo?

Just as with other tattoo types, collarbone tattoo cost vary. This is dependent on many factors like the level of expertise of the tattoo artist, the place where you are getting the tattoo, and its complexity, among others.  In addition, the charge is usually per hour or sessions basis. Mostly an hourly charge ranges from $50 to $100.  Moreover, the fixed cost per session can be something around $100- $400 basis. However, with the many collarbone tattoos artists, some could accept some quote that is below.

What Should I do if my collarbone Tattoo is infected?

If your tattoo is infected, the best thing to do is to contact your healthcare provider for help. Contacting tattoo artists is not a good idea, as they are not specialized in treating tattoo wounds. A doctor or health care practitioner will prescribe some medication, which will help you ease the pain.  Some of the symptoms of an infected tattoo include pus, itching feeling, redness, and swelling, among others

Can I get Collarbone Tattoo while pregnant?

Most tattoo artists would not recommend this unless you need it so badly. Reason being, the tattooing process could lead to complications that could jeopardize the life of your baby.  It could be best to wait until you have delivered, thereafter, get that ink.

Average Service Cost & Standard Prices for Getting a Collarbone Tattoos.

When it comes to cost, there is no fixed one, but variable depending on several factors.  It will thus be all upon you determine if you will go for hourly or for a fixed price per session basis.

Some of the factors that could affect price include the level of experience of the tattoo artists, complexity of the tattoo, region of getting the tattoo and colour; coloured tattoos will cost more than black and white ones.

However, it is also wise to review several offers for collarbone tattoos before choosing one. This way you could be able to match the price quality and understand what you are paying for. There are many collarbone tattoo artists’ reviews online. In addition, you could visit their tattoo shop and agree on the pricing.


Maintenance Tips after Getting Collarbone Tattoos.

After you have a perfect collarbone tattoo ink on you, it will be key if you take a good care of it. Understandably, a proper after collarbone tattoos care will limit will not only expedite your healing process but also keep you away from infections.

Always keep your tattoo clean; you could do this by washing it regularly with clean water. Likewise, applying a suitable lubrication will fasten its healing process. You could use one that is fragrance –free.  In addition, you should not use scented soaps. Always cover your tattoo. This will prevent it from direct sunlight that could cause a burning sensation.

Drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet. Hydration is vital in rejuvenating your skin.  The more hydrated you are the easier the tattoo cuts will heal. Likewise, eating a balanced diet rich in all the three food grounds will provide energy and nourishment that is vital in the healing process.

Avoid scratching your tattoo region, even if you get that burning sensation in it. Scratching could destroy ink placement and lead to further infections. Instead of scratching, pat the tattooed area gently. This will make the itching feeling go away.

Avoid swimming and taking a hot bath. The former could affect the healing process, as it will make the tattooed area to be so moist. A hot bath still could cause an itching feeling and infection.  Lastly, getting a rest and refraining from drinking could expedite the tattoo healing process.

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