145 Coolest Octopus Tattoo Designs This Year

Tattooing still continues to be a hot trend for the past several years. When it comes to getting one, you can think of many options; You can go with the simplest of all designs, or for a complicated one. However, Octopus tattoos are the simplest of all to draw, as they do not require much detail, and there are lot octopus tattoo artists ready to ink you.  In addition, an octopus has eight arms, and this is something that provides these tattoo designs with a unique look compared to minimalist or Japanese dragon tattoos. Nevertheless, the octopus carries symbolic meanings; something most tattoo enthusiast uses it to convey a particular message to the public. Before venturing into many details about octopus tattoos, it is instrumental to understand some influential octopus tattoo artists.

octopus tattoo

Top 5 Influential Octopus Tattoo Artist

Many octopus tattoo artists have vast years of experience in the game. Some of these include:

Patrick Aikin; Patrick has many years of experience in tattooing and he has amassed vast reputation. His octopus tattooing works speak for themselves, and he has managed to tattoo some influential big names in the musical industry. Patrick specialises in both illustrative and traditional tattoo designs; something uncommon to find in many tattoo artists. In addition to the latter, he is a great fan of domestic 3D arts, watercolour, and dot work. Whether you want to learn more about tattoos, to be one, or need a mentor in the tattoo niche, Patrick is your person. His online catalogue displays some of the best works he has done, and this ranges to flash tattoos, small tattoos, Octopus tattoos, and other custom designs.

Ben Shaw; He is a famous octopus tattoo artist in the United Kingdom. His works have played a vast role in bringing up the new tattooing look. Infusing palate colours with some traditional art designs, plus drawing the octopus tattoo close to permanent is something Shaw is good at. He is a people’s favourite tattoo artists in U.K., and some of his works have received global recognition.

Les Skuse; (1912-1973) Les tattoo had something unique; Besides, being those done before the reinvigoration of the tattoo industry, they had some octopus tattoo today’s vibe. Understandably, some of his tattoo works are in use today and they have has a massive impact on the tattooing industry. He is one of the tattoo geniuses that had the love for watercolour and character.

Horace Hidler; (1892-1969) Also known as the Zebra man or Great Omi, Hilder was famous octopus tattoo artists that draw many controversies; had a tattoo ink of himself on his body. Besides, the love for tattooing, he was a great circus performance, and the infusion of the two propelled his tattoo works to greater heights.

Martin Hildebrandt (1825-1890) Martin was an American octopus tattoo artist, though he did other tattoo works. He opened his tattoo shop in New York, tattooing some great names of the days.Besides-tattooing Martin was a great soldier that served in the Potomac army. In addition, he tattooed many soldiers and sailors escalating some of his tattoo skills.

Types of Octopus Tattoos

Octopus tattooing is something that has been in existence since the medieval time. This practice is ancient and dates back to some 5000 years. Some of the octopus tattoos ink was put on sailors, army, and celebrities, and is due to the latter efforts  of some ancient octopus tattoos artist, their symbolism nature, and  meaning that propel some of the designs we have today like:

  1. Graffiti Octopus Design Tattoo.

If you want an octopus tattoo design that looks wondrous as a whole, get one with the Graffiti design, however, this will be dependent on a lot. This design is perfect and provides an octopus tattoo artist with the leeway for creativity. In addition, the use of watercolour, ink lines, and detailing tattoo nature, makes this type stand out. In addition, this design is renowned to create an impression depicting casters in people mind.

  1. Octopus and Compass Tattoo

If you have been keen while watching movies, you will not miss this tattoo; most movie characters adore it for depicting strength, character, and endurance. Its fusion of the octopus plus the compass makes it looks wondrous, not mentioning, having it done with close to permanent ink plus watercolours, is something that will look cute on women, still be a men favourite tattoo. The best thing is that having this style done with a pro octopus tattooist, could make you leave an impression. My favourite octopus and compass tattoo design copy is done with a green octopus with spikes having the creature floating upside down. Moreover, with the octopus holding a compass piece plus the tattoo colour blending with the design nicely, you will have a wondrous ink. The tattoo style has a symbolic meaning, and the cross is an indication of good luck; something sailors, soldiers, and lovebirds, and more could use often.

  1. Realistic Octopus.

Having a copy done depicting a true octopus colour, shape, and tentacles, is a style that shows a lot of symbolism rather than love of artistic work. This design is free from complexion as it objective is to get that same, if not similar, octopus appearance. Though not much of a people choice, especially the women that will love a cutie, latest, and infusion of colours in the design, having an octopus tattoo artist draw it with attention to details and proper placement will make it leave a mark. Commoners for this tattoo art include nature lovebirds, marine advocates, and people who love the general octopus tattoo appearance. Nevertheless, having a pro octopus tattoo artist ink it could make it look wondrous as he could propose background additions that will improvise this tattoo appearance.

  1. Japanese Octopus Style.

Most of the octopus tattoos arts, whether dragon, minimalist or small ones, have something Japanese in them. This is not new as the Japanese have a strong tattooing history and to them, tattoos are not just tattoos, but elements that carry symbolic meanings, display their work of arts and have traditional meaning attached.  Japanese Octopus style has not fallen short of depicting their culture and charm and its presentation is mystical in nature provide freedom for the artist to incorporate Japanese elements: their gods, dragons, and snakes, among others.  In addition, most of the ink is of blue and purple colour that is favourite ones in the history of Octopus Japanese tattooing. However, as tattooing technology is going mainstream and most Japanese tattoo artists are embracing tattooing works from other cultures, the Japanese Octopus design is taking a completely new shape. The final pieces have a little Japanese in them. In addition, its design based on clients demand and there is no use of the famous purple and blue colours, but plenty of them

  1. Blue Ring Octopus Design.

This octopus type has a lot to it. When you choose to have this ink on you, you should understand some things first; its symbolic meaning is contradictive.  People adore its flashing bright colours; others fear it for its highly venomous nature.   Depending on what you need to portray, always remember it is one of the worlds most venomous animals! However, its bright colours plus its eight arms with suckers provides tattoo artist with room for creativity. Additionally, if the ink is design is correct, it has a wondrous and conspicuous appearance that needs no introduction. In the other way round having this ink could mean you are a badass, and a type that no one will want to mess with.


Meanings of Octopus Tattoo.

Octopus tattoo carries different meanings. In addition, bookmakers use them to predict football and other matches correctly and you should expect them to have other meanings. However, their meanings could emancipate from an inspiration and depending on yours; octopus tattoos could have diverse meanings.

When you have a given octopus tattoo ink, one could symbolise intelligence. Octopuses are some of the intelligent water creatures and this is something that human beings acknowledge.  In addition, they use their intelligent nature to battle other water creature’s successfully, which are stronger for them. Regardless of the type, with one drawn on you, it could be a sign of knowledge.

Octopus strongest part is their tentacles and not only do these make a given ink beautiful but carry a symbolic meaning. This could signify deception or having enormous ability and powers. In addition, different octopus tattoo artist ink these tentacles differently portraying multifaceted meanings.

Understandably, the octopus body is soft and suck like the type. This is something that makes them agile and flexible. This could be a symbol of grace in times without structure and order. There are other octopus tattoo meanings and this will be dependent on personal interpretation, inspiration, how well they understand these creatures for.

Ideal Placement of Octopus Tattoos

Since the limelight of Octopus tattoo is the tentacles and eight of them, it is ideal placement is in body areas that provide the grounds to not only draw but also elongate them. Therefore, some of the premier regions include one back, chest, or thighs, and more. Understandably, their placement in men and women will vary, as the latter tend to place them in ideal and men-arousing regions.

In addition, for those that need a small version of octopus tattoos, any part of their body will do. These small octopus tattoos need no great space, and some of their prime locations include legs and arms.

However, the question of where to place a given octopus tattoo is something which can be debated between you and tattooist artist. Still, there are abundant factors that will determine the suitable place o doing so.

Octopus Tattoos Preparation Tips

Before walking into a tattoo octopus-tattooing studio, of course, after confirming your appointment with one, you need to prepare yourself for the process, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Remember octopus tattoos take long to draw unless you shop for minimalist one. However, if you go for the whole package plus additional elements that will make it wondrous get ready to suck in some pain.

You will need to choose your favourite octopus tattoo design, of course, if you had not done it. You should take this crucial step most time to debate on it. Ask yourself if you want it permanent, with vibrant colours, or done traditionally, among others.

Drink plenty of water and eat a well-balanced diet before your appointment day. These targets to keep your skin moist for the process making the process flow smoothly, and are pain-free.

Stay away from any skin peeling solution before a tattoo appointment.  The latter could have an adverse effect on your skin, making it respond negatively during and after the process. In addition, it a matter of utmost importance to get a shave on the area where you need tattooed. Instead of coming with hair on your back, armpit, do the courteous thing shaving it and your tattooist will thank you latter?

Wear some comfortable clothing during the tattooing session. Depending on your style, and comfortability with particular apparels, choose one that will make you hold still during the session without feeling the tightness feeling on you.

FAQs Re: Octopus Tattoo

  1. Is getting an Octopus tattoo painful?

It is an impossible mission to separate tattoo and pain. These two go handy, and by the fact that there will be the use of needles, expect to get vibrating like pain feeling. However, its degree will vary. For people with less fat, will get the most of it. If it is drawn on a sensitive part of the body, spine, armpits, close to reproductive parts, expect pain to be more. However, the splendid news is that it is endurable.

  1. Is it cool to get a tattoo when pregnant?

If you even have the guts to do it, unless it is necessary, then it is possible that you love yourself more than they love your unborn baby, something uncommon to most mothers. Getting a tattoo while pregnant could lead to infections, something tattooist try to avoid.

  1. How much will an Octopus Tattoo cost?

There is no standard cost for getting an octopus tattoo. This is something you could agree upon with your tattooist.  Moreover, there are other demand and supply factors that when put to play cannot allow pegging a standard cost for getting an octopus tattoo.  Nevertheless, they type of tattooist you choose will greatly determine the price. There are an apprentice, experts, and advanced octopus tattoo artist. If you choose an apprentice, expect to pay $50-$70 per sessions, experts, $80-$120 per session, and advanced $ 150-$200 per session.

  1. When is it the best time to get a tattoo?

Many factors will come into play.  Weather forecast being one of them. Getting a tattoo during winter is preferable than summer. For the former, your skin will be moist and this could make it respond well to the recovery process.  Besides weather conditions, you could get a tattoo depending on the season, and the moment you want to capture. There is no exact time, but you could get it anytime, suck in the pain, and do a great after tattoo care.

  1. How can I come up with good tattoo designs or pictures?

With the power of the internet, you could get tattoo designs anywhere. Simple google searches will yield plenty of designs and pictures. In addition, you will be unfortunate not to get your favourite on sites like Pinterest, and more. However, if you want to come with your own design, get a picture of the real tattoo inspiration. For example, if you want an octopus tattoo, search for a real octopus, if possible, take a photo of it, and come up with some tattoo designs. In this undertaking, your tattooist could be of great help.


Average Service Cost & Standard Prices for Getting an Octopus Tattoo.

The simplest of all octopus tattoos could cost $40-$50. Nevertheless, the final quote on any tattoo piece will be dependent on the place you get it, artist’s skills, type of ink you want, and other factors of demand & supply, among others.

Considerately, you could agree on either to go for a fixed price, or per session one. However, I would advise getting one from a small city as tattoo cost in big cities cost a fortune. Nevertheless, it seems sensible to me walking to the nearby, or preferred tattoo outlet, and asking for a quote. There are other plenty of internet ways you could do that and come with the average and standard price for a tattoo.

Maintenance Tips After Getting An Octopus Tattoo.

Now that you have your tattoo copy ink on you, its adamant to take good care of it. First, always keep it clean and moist. Washing it and applying any suitable lubricant is the best way of doing it.  Drinks plenty of water to stay hydrated and avoid scratching your tattoo. If you get this itching sensation, you could slap it, or persevere until the pain goes away; after all, you wanted the octopus tattoo so badly! In addition, it is necessary to do what it takes to preserve it.

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